Central Committee

The Morrow County Republican Central Committee is the grassroots of the political party organization.  Each voting precinct has a republican member or representative.  Members are elected directly by republican voters in each precinct every four years (primary) and represent these voters on the central committee.  In Morrow County, the Republican Central Committee and the Executive Committee are one in the same.

The Morrow County Republican Central Committee members meet the fourth Thursday of every month, except in November and December.  Meetings are held in the Community Services Building, 619 W. Marion Rd., Mt. Gilead, Ohio 43338 at 7:30 p.m.  Meetings are open to the public.

Central Committee Officers

Dan Osborne – Chairman
Terri Miller – Vice Chairman
Penny Porter – Secretary
Kim Bood – Treasurer

Central Committee Members

Bennington Township East William P. Young
Bennington Township West Teresa J. Miller
Canaan Township Craig Nelson
Cardington Village East John Nippert
Cardington Village West Tim Abraham
Cardington Township
Chester Township East Pat Davies
Chester Township West Penny J. Porter
Franklin Township Mark Parker
Edison Village Vicki Smith
Mt. Gilead Village East Chris Plough
Mt. Gilead Village North Chris E. Sherbourne
Mt. Gilead Village Northwest Dixie Shinaberry
Mt. Gilead Village Southwest Hollis Howland
Gilead Township Northeast Dennis Richardson
Gilead Township Southeast Brenda Harden
Gilead Township West Dan E. Osborne
Harmony Township North Michael G. Struck
Harmony Township South
Lincoln Township East John Powell II
Lincoln Township West James P. Carroll
North Bloomfield Township East Patricia A. Wenger
North Bloomfield Township West Gregory M. Jevnikar
Perry Township North Stephen W. Ritz
Perry Township South
Peru Township Julie A. Stake
South Bloomfield Township East Loren M. Altizer
South Bloomfield Township West William D. Short
Troy Township Erin Bender
Washington Township Walter W. Nelson
Westfield Township Kimberly Bood


Fundraising for the Morrow County GOP

The Morrow County Republican Finance Committee raises most of the income through the Century Club Membership Program.  We invite you to join!  You and your spouse can join the Century Club by donating $100.  Many choose to donate $250 which makes them a Silver Elephant, or $500 a Gold Elephant, or $1500 an Early Bird.  Checks may be given to any of the finance committee members or sent to the Republican Finance Committee, PO Box 374, Mt. Gilead, OH 43338.

Century Club Members are invited to a special banquet in the fall where a well-known political leader is the keynote speaker.  This free banquet is to show our appreciation to those who support the party.

The finance committee members are appointed by the party chairman and serve under his/her discretion.  The finance committee raises the funds; however, the Central Committee spends the funds with the goal of supporting Republican candidates to public office.  The current finance committee consists of the following:

Carolyn Beal

Anthony Bush

Elijah Duncan

Bruce Fissell

Sharon Hickson

Alan Jones

Dick Miller

Dan Osborne, Ex-Officio

Tim Sharrock, Chairman