United States Senate

JD Vance

United States Representative

Jim Jordan

Ohio House of Representatives

Representative Riordan McClain

Senator Bill Reineke

Statewide Office Holders


Mike DeWine

Lt. Governor

John Husted

Attorney General

Dave Yost

Auditor of State

Keith Faber

Secretary of State

Frank LaRose


Robert Sprague

Morrow County Elected Officials

The Morrow County Republican Party is pleased to have all of the Morrow County elected officials registered as Republicans.

County Sheriff

John Hinton

County Prosecutor

Thomas Smith

Common Pleas Court

Robert C. Hickson, Jr.

Common Pleas Judge

Tom Elkin

Municipal Court Judge

Jennifer Murphy Burnaugh

County Commissioners

Tim Abraham

Jon Mason

Timothy R. Siegfried

County Auditor

Connie McChesney

County Treasurer

Jim Jahn

Clerk of Courts

Sheri Clever

County Recorder

Dixie Shinaberry

County Engineer

Bart Dennison